My name is Reda, I am a street photographer based in Paris.
I started to take pictures when I worked in the musical underground, more than 10 years ago, and photography has taken precedence over everything else over time.
I’m influenced by the urban culture that originates from California, and is lived in the USA and elsewhere. I’ve been heavily involved in that scene for many years. Therefore, it was natural for me to use my lens to highlight this world’s different aspects: Hip Hop, tattooing, lowriding, MMA…
My goal is not to perform a simple copy-and-paste of what’s going on across the Atlantic, but to show what those cultures are in France and in the rest of the world, and to emphasize their uniqueness.
Until now, my journey has led me to exhibit in galleries, work for magazines, produce books for tattoo studios, promote streetwear brands and design record sleeves for artists of the Rap scene.
The most important thing is, I love the street because it made me who I am.
Welcome to my world...